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Below is a collection of archived news stories from previous months that no longer feature on the home page.

  • Immigration Reform Symposium Report
    The Symposium Report from our September 25th event, "Implementing Immigration Reform: Imagining the Possibilities," is now available for download.
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  • Forced Migration
    Now Online: Forced Migration Review 45 'Crisis'
    February 13, 2014
    FMR 45 'Crisis', a special issue on crisis migration, is now available for download. Susan Martin, Sanjula Weerasinghe and Abbie Taylor served as special advisors in putting together the issue, which features a variety of articles on the movement-related implications of humanitarian crises. It includes practice and policy-relevant articles from ISIM's Patricia Weiss Fagen, Elzbieta Gozdziak and Alissa Walter, as well as a number of other authors affiliated with the Crisis Migration project. Click below for more information, and to download the publication.
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  • New Publication: Receiving Haitian Migrants in the Context of the 2010 Earthquake
    December 20, 2013
    ISIM Senior Fellow, Patricia Weiss Fagen, authors this new publication commissioned by the Nansen Initiative to explore cross-border displacement and migration from Haiti in the wake of the 2010 earthquake. The paper served as a case study of cross-border disaster-induced displacement within the Nansen Initiative Central American Regional Consultation, which took place in Costa Rica in early December.
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  • Picture 6
    Teaching about Refugees: A Participatory Video Project in Jordan
    December 18, 2013
    Grace Benton (ISIM Research Assistant, MAAS '14) reflects on her experience working with refugees in Amman to compile teaching units for US high school students. To learn more, and to view and download the resources, click below.
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  • Promoting Safe and Legal Avenues for Protection Seekers in Europe
    December 18, 2013
    Father Christoph Hermann, S.J has spent the past fall semester at ISIM, on leave from his position as Director of Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in Sweden. Over the last three months, Christoph has conducted research for JRS on safe and legal avenues for those seeking protection in Europe. ISIM is delighted to have hosted Christoph as a Visiting Scholar and looks forward to continued partnerships with him and his colleagues at Jesuit Refugee Services.
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  • Syrian refugees respond
    What Do You Miss Most? Syrian Refugees Respond
    December 12, 2013
    The statements and pictures in the latest article from Rochelle Davis (Associate Professor, CCAS) and Abbie Taylor (Research Associate, ISIM) are part of their ongoing research on the Syrian refugee population. For more on ISIM's urban refugee research, visit 'Our Work'. Click below to read 'What Do You Miss Most? Syrian Refugees Respond' on Jadaliyya.
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  • Institutional Strategies to Assist Polish Returned Migrants
    December 9, 2013
    This new publication, by Izabela Czerniejewska and Elzbieta Goździak, is based on an exploratory study of Polish “returned” migrants aided by the Barka Foundation. The research was conducted in 2010, shortly after the men were returned to Poland, during the liminal stage of readjustment and decision-making about whether to remain in Poland, return to the UK or migrate elsewhere. The article is part of a forthcoming issue of International Migration, 'Polish Migration after the Fall of the Iron Curtain', to be published in January 2014. Click below to read and download the article.
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  • Humanitarian Crises and Migration
    Every week, thousands of people are compelled to move in the face of humanitarian crises, and yet for many, protection is out of reach. "Humanitarian Crises and Migration: Causes, Consequences and Responses", edited by ISIM's Susan Martin, Sanjula Weerasinghe, and Abbie Taylor brings together leading experts from multi-disciplinary backgrounds to reflect on diverse humanitarian crises and to discuss the challenges and opportunities in providing protection for these crisis migrants. This timely book will be published in May 2014, but is now available for pre-order on Amazon at
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  • Binational Dialogue on Mexican Migrants in the US and Mexico
    November 13, 2013
    In August 2013, ISIM and CIESAS published the latest binational study on Mexican migrants in the US and Mexico. Click here to read the report, and scroll down to our bookshelf to view this and a host of other ISIM publications.
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  • Dr. Susan Martin Featured on Here & Now
    November 12, 2013
    Dr. Susan Martin talks on Here & Now about climate change and migration in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.
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  • ISIM Faculty Course Offerings
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  • Susan Martin Comments on Climate Change Refugee Case
    November 11, 2013
    Dr. Susan Martin's comments feature in an article on a New Zealand man's climate change refugee case.
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  • ISIM and MacArthur Foundation Host Public Addresses and Round Tables on International Migration
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  • Sen. Dick Durbin Speaks on Immigration Reform
    Sen. Dick Durbin Speaks at ISIM 15th Anniversary Event
    Illinois senator and assistant majority leader, Dick Durbin, spoke on immigration reform as part of the Immigration Reform 360 speaker series.
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  • Roberta Cohen Launches Crisis Migration Working Paper Series
    October 17, 2013
    The Crisis Migration project team is pleased to launch its working paper series, beginning with Roberta Cohen’s in-depth analysis of Lessons Learned from the Development of the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement. Cohen is one of several experts commissioned to provide guidance on developing principles and practices to protect individuals and groups that move or become trapped in the context of diverse humanitarian crises, whether triggered by a natural or man-made disaster, widespread violence or armed conflict. Click "Learn More" to read and download the first publication. Stay tuned for each new installment in the series!
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  • UN High-Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development
    October 8, 2013
    ISIM’s Sanjula Weerasinghe takes the floor to offer insights and recommendations relevant to protecting migrants caught in conflicts and natural disasters at the 2013 United Nations High-Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development, convened in New York in early October.
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  • Blogging on Urban Refugees in Malaysia
    October 2, 2013
    Professor Elzbieta Gozdziak is currently in Malaysia where she is conducting research on urban refugees in Kuala Lumpur. Read her blog to keep up with her reflections and observations.
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  • Congressmen Debate
    ISIM and Deloitte Host Implementing Immigration Reform
    September 25, 2013 learn more
  • Syria September Report Front Cover - Imranovi
    Research on the Plight of Refugees from Syria
    September 27, 2013 learn more
  • ISIM Unveils New Publications on Climate Change and Migration
    In the past year, ISIM Director Susan F. Martin spear-headed exciting new research in Climate Change and Migration. Read five new publications by Susan F. Martin and the German Marshall Fund Transatlantic Study Group to discover what the world's leading experts have to say about the future of migration policy.
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  • Refugees and Humanitarian Emergencies Certificate Graduation
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  • Dr. Martin Testifying
    ISIM's Dr. Susan Martin Testifies Before Senate
    March 18, 2013
    Dr. Susan Martin testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee at the hearing, "How Comprehensive Immigration Reform Should Address the Needs of Women and Family." Read more for the complete text and video of her testimony.
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  • Mira Sorvino
    Remarks of Mira Sorvino at January 30 'Anti-Human Trafficking Symposium: Transforming the Coalition'
    January 30, 2013
    Actress Mira Sorvino and others spoke at the symposium, sponsored by Deloitte and SFS' Institute for the Study of International Migration and Master of Science in Foreign Service Program. Sorvino's remarks were entitled, "Beyond Awareness: Putting the Human Back in Human Trafficking."
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  • ISIM and COMPAS Comparative Report on Undocumented Children Coincides with Recent Move in US Senate
    January 29, 2013
    A Georgetown and Oxford report suggesting the U.S. and UK should ease undocumented minors' access to education, health care and citizenship comes as a group of U.S. senators revealed an immigration reform plan Jan 28. You can find the report, entitled "Dreams Deferred: Undocumented Children and Access to Education, Healthcare and Livelihoods in the United Kingdom and the United States, on ISIM's online publications shelf.
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  • International Migrants Bill of Rights
    A group of students, alumni and scholars from Georgetown University Law Center and the Institute for the Study of International Migration has released the International Migrants Bill of Rights (IMBR), a first-of-its-kind universal declaration of human rights for all categories of international migrants. The release coincides with International Migrants Day: December 18th.
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  • Susan Martin's Book Highlighted in the NY Times
    ISIM Director Susan Martin's 'A Nation of Immigrants' explores three models of immigration that evolved in the colonial United States.
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