Exodus Institute/ISIM Spring 2018 Symposia

Responsibility-Sharing for Refugees & Internal Displacement.

In collaboration with the Exodus Institute, Georgetown University’s Institute for the Study of International Migration (ISIM) brought together some of the world’s leading experts to develop concrete ideas on ways to address two of the glaring gaps in the present international refugee system: the lack of adequate mechanisms to share responsibility for refugees and to protect and assist internally displaced people.

The report of the Symposium on Responsibility-sharing for Refugees, held on 16 April 2016, can be found here. A video recording of the first panel is here and second panel is here

The report of the Symposium on Internal Displacement, held on 22 May, can be found here and a video recording of the Symposium is available here.  

ISIM staff will be following the way that both of these issues are being dealt with the Global Compact on Refugees and will provide periodic updates on this website.