Abdeslam Marfouk

Dr. Abdeslam Marfouk is Research Fellow at the Institut Wallon de l´Evaluation, de la Prospective et de la Statistique (IWEPS) and Research Associate at the Institut de Recherches Economique et Sociale [IRES] of the Universite Catholique de Louvain [UCL], Belgium.

His research focuses mainly on international migration. Dr Marfouk has authored a number of research reports, books chapters and articles in international journals in the field of international migration.

While a visiting scholar at ISIM, Dr. Marfouk co-authored a paper published in World Bank Economic Review: Frédéric Docquier, Olivier Lohest and Abdeslam Marfouk, 2007. "Brain Drain in Developing Countries," World Bank Economic Review, World Bank Group, Vol. 21(2), pages 193-218.

In addition, he worked with ISIM’s Dr. Lindsay Lowell on the development of an original dataset on international migration providing information on structure of migration from 195 origin countries to the OECD area by gender and eductional level (in absolute values and in proportion of origin countries labor force). This work has been published in Population and Development Review: Frédéric Docquier, B. Lindsay Lowell and Abdeslam Marfouk, 2009. "A Gendered Assessment of Highly Skilled Emigration," Population and Development Review, The Population Council, Inc., vol. 35(2), pages 297-321.

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