Beatrix Bukus

Current Work

Beatrix Bukus is currently a doctoral candidate at the University in Leipzig where she is teaching seminars on Migration and Integration, Transcultural Learning, and Language proficiency assessment among learners of German as a Second Language.  Her dissertation focuses on the education of school-age children with multiple and multidirectional migration experiences. Beatrix has conducted research on the migration-education nexus and worked in teachers' training in Budapest, Bicske, Veszprém, Frankfurt am Main, München, Izmir and Washington, DC. She has two master degrees in education and in German as a Second Language. 

Work at ISIM

During her year at ISIM, junior visiting scholar Beatrix Bukus researched the topic of foreign-born school-aged children attending schools in Central Europe. To this end, she used her time at ISIM to complete an expansive database of secondary literature on her topic in preparation for her upcoming Ph.D, taking advantage of resources at Georgetown University that were unavailable to her in her native Hungary. In addition to researching and writing two scholarly articles, Beatrix also participated in numerous events at Georgetown University and throughout the DC area which were related to her research interests.

Beatrix's tenure at ISIM culminated in her receipt of ISIM's Certificate in Refugee Emergencies, which she earned by auditing ten courses taught by ISIM faculty and other Georgetown University professors.