ISIM Affiliate Contribues Chapter in Maintaining Refuge

ISIM Affiliate Dr. Marisa O. Ensor, contributed a chapter to the volume Maintaining Refuge: Anthropological Reflections in Uncertain Times, recently published by the American Anthropological Association’s Committee on Refugees and Immigrants(CORI).

Edited by David Haines, Jayne Howell, and Fethi Keles, this volume examines the expanding breadth of the anthropological vision of refuge. Contributions highlight both the enduring and the new barriers that are being created against the provision of refuge—whether for people meeting formal legal standards of refugee status or for those many others for whom only alternative forms of protection can offer hopes of a viable and meaningful future.  

Marisa O. Ensor’s chapter, “Refuge and Youth Radicalization in Chad: Dilemmas of Refugee Protection in Central Africa” reports on findings of a study of local means of conflict resolution and the determinants of social cohesion as a protective mechanism against refugee radicalization. She concludes that the risk of radicalization can only be averted or mitigated if the main stakeholders adopt comprehensive policies that extend beyond immediate life-saving needs and address the long-term prospects of the displaced population, with a focus on the younger generations who are more likely to be negatively impacted and more vulnerable to radicalization.