Christoph Hermann

Fr Christoph Hermann, S.J. is a Jesuit priest from Sweden. In 2006 he founded the Jesuit Refugee Service country office in Stockholm and has since served as its director. JRS Sweden’s office provides legal and social support for asylum seekers and refugees in Sweden, especially for those held in migration detention. Christoph has contributed to several EU-funded JRS research projects including a report on immigration detention in Sweden, as well as a report on the impact of the Dublin II regulation on forced migrants. During the fall semester of 2013, Christoph concentrated his research on access to protection for forced migrants displaced by humanitarian crises. His area of focus was a solution-based comparative research on the issue of protected entry procedures for forced migrants. Christoph holds a MDiv Degree from The Jesuit School of Theology - Centre Sevres in Paris and a MSc degree in Political Sciences from Uppsala University, Sweden. Christoph can be contacted at