ISIM Unveils New Publications On Climate Change and Migration

ISIM is spearheading cutting-edge research on climate change and migration. In the past year, ISIM Director Dr. Susan F. Martin authored Environmental Change and Migration: Legal and Political Frameworks and worked with a team of leading experts to publish the policy brief Changing Climate, Moving People: Framing Migration, Displacement, and Planned Relocation. She also co-chaired the German Marshall Fund Transatlantic Study Group, which recently issued three important new papers on climate change and migration. These three papers are available online through our website, where you can also find all our publications related to the complex issues raised by international migration. 
Susan F. Martin and Koko Warner, Climate Change and Migration: the UNFCCC Climate Negotiations and Global Forum on Migration and Development
Sarah Collinson, Meeting the Challenges of Severe Climate-Related Hazards: A Review of the Effectiveness of the International Humanitarian Regime
Philip Martin, Climate Change, NAPAs, Agriculture, and Migration in LDCs
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