Elżbieta M. Goździak, Research Professor

Research Director

Dr. Elżbieta M. Goździak is a Research Professor at ISIM. She works as a cultural anthropologist, researching and writing about immigrant integration in North America and Europe, migrant children and childhoods, human trafficking, and medicalization of human suffering. Prior to joining ISIM as Research Director in 2002, Dr. Gozdziak served in the US Office of Refugee Resettlement and taught at a historically black Howard University. She is a recipient of the George Soros Visiting Chair position in public policy and several Fulbright grants. Prior to immigrating to the US, she was an Associate Professor of Anthropology at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. To learn more about her work visit her blog.

Dr. Goździak's research focuses on migration and trafficking of children and adolescents, urban refugees, immigrant integration in North America and Europe, transnational migration between Poland and Norway, and health disparities in immigrant families. Her recent publications include Trafficked Children and Youth in the United States: Reimagining Survivors. Rutgers University Press (forthcoming Spring 2017); Migrant Children: At the Crossroads of Vulnerability and Resiliency. Palgrave: 2010 (with Marisa O. Ensor); and Od gości do sąsiadów. Integracja cudzoziemców spoza Unii Europejskiej w Poznaniu w edukacji, na rynku pracy i w opiece zdrowotnej (From guests to neighbors. Integration of third-country nationals in the labor force, education, and health care in Poznan). Poznan: UAM Press: 2010 (with Natalia Bloch). Dr. Goździak is a recipient of the George Soros Chair in Public Policy (Fall 2016), MISOCO Teaching Scholar (Bilbao May 2015), several Fulbright Senior Specialist grants (Thailand and Indonesia Summer 2015; Poland 2009, 2006), and a residential fellowship at the Bellagio (June-July 2006).

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