Eyptians in Kuwait

About the Project

Kuwait has hosted Egyptians for more than fifty years, proving an attractive destination due to its thriving economy and wealth of opportunities for migrants. Recent data indicates that Egyptians constitute the largest Arab migrant community in Kuwait and amount to some fifteen per cent of the total population. Egyptian expatriates in Kuwait have been senders of the largest amount of remittances to Egypt in the Middle East region and have long worked in a range of high-, medium and low-skilled occupations across a variety of sectors, including: public service, health, education, construction, maintenance, transportation, science and technology. 
Researchers at ISIM have conducted a qualitative study that examines Egyptian living and working in Kuwait. The purpose of the study is to better understand the migration histories and trajectories of Egyptians, their experiences and interactions within Kuwait, and their connections with a changing Egypt at home.  Of equal importance to the study, is the experience of Kuwait as a recipient country of Egyptian migrant labour, the impact of Egyptians on Kuwaiti society, and the nature of relationships and interactions between individual Egyptians and Kuwaitis in daily life.

“The Egyptian Invasion of Kuwait: Navigating Possibilities among the Impossible” will be published in late 2015 by Hurst Press as part of an edited volume, Arab Migrant Communities in the GCC, edited by Zahra Babar. 

This project has been part of a wider research initiative on Arab Migrant Communities in the GCC, led by the Center for International and Regional Studies at the School of Foreign Service in Qatar.

To read a summary report of the project and chapters in the forthcoming edited volume, click here.