Olivier Vonk

Dr. Olivier Vonk is a visiting researcher (Marie Curie fellow) from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Having studied European and Comparative law in Maastricht, he pursued his studies at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy, where he obtained a PhD entitled Dual Nationality in the European Union. A Study on Changing Norms in Public and Private International Law and in the Municipal Laws of Four EU Member States (published in 2012 with Martinus Nijhoff Publishers). Before coming to Georgetown, Olivier was a lecturer in private international law at Maastricht University's law department and a post-doc at the department of political science. He also worked as a legal consultant for the UNHCR project Mapping Statelessness in the Netherlands.

Olivier, whose research interests are mainly in the area of comparative nationality studies, is a member of the European Union Democracy Observatory on Citizenship (EUDO Citizenship). He recently contributed to developing the EUDO CITIZENSHIP/UNHCR Database on Protection Against Statelessness in Europe, a project that was conducted by Maastricht University, as core partner of the EUDO Citizenship Observatory, in collaboration with the UNHCR Statelessness Unit.  Forthcoming EUDO Citizenship publications include 'Protection Against Statelessness in Europe. Assessing Nationality Legislation in 36 States in Light of International Standards' (together with M. Vink and G.R. de Groot) and 'Scrutinising Citizenship Decisions: Analysing Judicial Review in Europe' (together with G.R. de Groot).

You can contact Olivier via email, at owv2@georgetown.edu.