Tamaz Zubiashvili

Tamaz Zubiashvili is an associate professor at the Department of Economics and Business, Tbilisi State University (TSU). He received his Ph.D. in Economics in 1994, in which he focused his research on migration issues. In 2004-2005, Dr. Zubiashvili was a senior visiting scholar at ISIM.

During his fellowship program at ISIM, Dr. Zubiashvili devoted most of his time to developing courses on International Migration and Population and Development. He had introduced these courses previously at Tbilisi State University, but had lacked textbooks for the course. During his year at ISIM, he wrote a textbook, Population and Development, which was published in 2009 by TSU. He was also able to work on the textbook, International Migration.

According to Dr. Zubiashvili, his participation in the visiting scholar program at ISIM enabled him to:

  • obtain the newest and necessary information on migration studies and teaching;
  • renew the syllabuses for migration courses and fit them into the curriculums;
  • improve the quality of lectures by applying advanced pedagogical methods and modern techniques of teaching;
  • acquaint himself with advanced evaluation systems of students’ knowledge and abilities;
  • complete work on the textbooks,  International Migration and Population and Development;
  • cultivate the methods of individual work with students;
  • and, deepen his scientific studies in such issues as regulation of forced migration and labor migration.

According to Dr. Zubiashvili, all this markedly enhanced the level of study on migration problems at Tbilisi State University. Migration regulation is considered in Georgia as one of the most important social and economic problems.Through the Visiting Scholar Program, Dr. Zubiashvili also made professional contacts with the professors: Elzbieta Gozdziak, Andrew Schoenholtz, Patricia Fagen, Charles King.He also regularly visited the Library of Congress and Georgetown University’s Lauinger Library where he read and collected scientific literature and materials on international population and migration.