Past Events

2018-2019 events


Denis McDonough gives keynote address

On November 15th, ISIM and the Berkely Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs hosted a conference on global refugees and migration as part of their joint Refugees and Migration Project. The conference consisted of two panels: first, Admission and Early Integration: Lessons for the United States, and second, Local Responses and Long-Term Integration. The conference concluded with a keynote address and Q&A with Denis McDonough, former White House Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama. Further details can be found here

Stories that Spark Social Change: Filming the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Panel on Dreams of Daraa

On October 29th, ISIM Director Dr. Katharine Donato moderated a discussion with SFS alumni Reilly Dowd and Wanjiku Ngare (both SFS’13) about their documentary, Dreams of Daraa. The documentary focused on the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan and the experiences of the refugees living inside. More information can be found here


Giulia McPherson

On October 23th, ISIM, the CCAS, the Center for Social Justice, and the African Studies Department hosted a conversation about the role of education in the Global Compact for Refugees. Giulia McPherson of the Jesuit Refugee Services presented her thoughts. 

Responding to Venezuela's Exodus

On September 19, ISIM, together with the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) and the Center for Justice and International Law (CEJIL), hosted an event on the “Venezuelan Exodus”. More information can be found here

2017-2018 EVENTS

Human Flow screening +  live-stream Q&A 

Human Flow

On April 29, ISIM co-sponsored a screening of Human Flow, a documentary about the global refugee crisis by Ai Weiwei with the McCourt School of Public Policy. The event included a question-and-answer session with Director Ai. 


Kathrine Opening Remarks

On April 16, ISIM hosted a Symposium on Refugees and Responsibility-Sharing. Speakers included Professor David Cantor of the Refugee Law Initiative and Tristan Harley of the Kaldor Centre. The Symposium consisted of two panels on refugees and responsibility-sharing, the first on "Possibilities and Prospects" and the second on "New Opportunities."  More details can be found here, and the livestream video can be found here

The Labor Market Integration of Refugees

ISIM acting director Dr. Elizabeth Ferris moderated a panel between Izza Leghtas, a Senior Advocate at Refugees International and Kirsten Schuettler, a Senior Program Officer at the World Bank and KNOMAD. Izza discussed her recent Refugees International report, "Legal Employment Still Inaccessible to Refugees in Turkey," and other experiences working with refugees worldwide. 


Beth Ferris speaks on "Share the Journey"

ISIM participated in a discussion about Pope Francis' new "Share the Journey" campaign, which encourages the welcoming of migrants around the world. Dr. Elizabeth Ferris was a panelist in the discussion, as seen above.  This event was also co-sponsored by Jesuit Refugee Service-USA; Catholic Relief Services; Georgetown’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs; the Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life; the Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching and Service; the Office of Mission and Ministry; and the Office of the Vice President for Global Engagement.

The Berekly Center's writeup of the event can be found here, and the video can be found here

2016-2017 Events


On April 25, ISIM Research Professor Dr. Elizabeth Ferris and Georgetown Security Studies Professor Dr. Thomas McNaugher discussed the intersection between humanitarian assistance and military intervention.  

No Entry: A History of Exclusion in US Refugee Policy

No Entry

On April 20, ISIM co-sponsored a panel discussing the history of debate in the US over refugees in light of the Trump Aministration's 'Muslim ban'. ISIM Research Professor Dr. Elzbieta Gozdziak, a refugee herself, participated in the panel along with Noga Malkin, Middle East desk officer at IMC, Sandy Dang, Executive Director of the Vietnam Education Foundation, and Sean Bland, Associate at the O’Neill Institute. The other event sponsors were BMW Center for German and European Studies, Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching & Service, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Christian Muslim Understanding (ACMCU), Mortara Center for International Studies, Doctoral Student Coalition, African Studies Program, and GU No Lost Generation.

America's Immigration Policy Fiasco 

Doug Massey

On March 29, ISIM hosted Princeton University Professor Douglass Massey to discuss America's immigration policy. An abstract of his talk can be found here

Strategic Roundtable on Internally Displaced Persons

On March 1, ISIM hosted a roundtable on internally displaced persons (IDPs) that brought together 29 experts on IDPs to take stock of current activities related to IDPs and discuss strategies to improve the response to internal displacement in the upcoming year. The report from the roundtable can be found here

Immigrants and Refugees: New Executive Orders and their Consequences 

On February 27, ISIM hosted a discussion on the impact of the Trump Administration's executive orders relating to immigration and refugees. The discussion featured ISIM Director Katharine Donato, Director of the Human Rights Insitute at the Georgetown Law Center Andrew I. Schoenholtz, Former Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees, and Migration Anne Richard, and ISIM Research Professors Elzbieta M. Gozdziak and B Lindsay Lowell. 

Refugees International 

Yarnall Presentation

On January 17, ISIM co-hosted Mark Yarnell of Refugees International to analyze responses to global humanitarian challenges. The event was also sponsored by Georgetown MSFS and the Georgetown Anti-Poverty Soviety. 

Forced displacement as a development issue 

Development Event

On November 29, ISIM co-hosted Xavier Devictor, Program Manager at the World Bank. He presented a recent report published by the World Bank and the UNHCR examining forced displacement as both a humanitarian crisis and complex development challenge, requiring a multidimensional approach. He also shared his advice on how graduate students can best prepare themselves to join the challenging field of international development. The event was also hosted by the Georgetown MSFS Program and the Georgetown Anti-Poverty Society. More pictures can be found here

Migrants Making Mexican America Symposium 

On October 14, ISIM co-sponsored a symposium on the impact of Mexican migrants on the United States. The symposium was divided into three parts: migrants, migrants makings American families, and Mexican-America. Speakers included Francisco Jiménez from Santa Clara University, Tomás Jiménez from Stanford University and José Limón from Notre Dame. The conference was also sponsored by the Georgetown Unversity Americas Initiative, the Center for Latin American Studies and the Georgetown Institute for Global History. The full schedule and description of events can be found here