Visiting Scholar Program

Program Description

The Visiting Scholars Program is a highly selective program that allows senior scholars (Senior Visiting Scholars) and researchers in the early stages of their careers (Junior Visiting Scholars) to pursue an independent research or writing project.

ISIM welcomes 2-3 visiting scholars from all over the world each year for a minimum of one semester and no longer than one year. Visiting Scholars are expected to be in residence during their tenure with the Institute. We provide a working area in our office, computer, internet, phone and, for a small required fee, access to graduate classes, the library, and the campus community. Please note that we are not a degree-granting department and do not have funding for visiting scholars.

ISIM and Georgetown have a small community of migration scholars and the Washington area has a lively community of experts hosting regular meetings. Typically, visiting scholars and fellows primarily pursue their proposed study and research agenda using available resources, but some audit classes taught by Institute faculty or others. Visiting scholars and fellows are also expected to make at least one presentation based on their research for the members of the Migration Working Group or for Georgetown students enrolled in migration related classes.