Funder: COMPAS – University of Oxford, with support from the Atlantic Philanthropies and the Nuffield Foundation 
This international collaborative project examined the future need for migrant care workers in the context of aging societies. The project explored the employment of migrant workers in the delivery of health and social care to older people across the UK, the USA, Ireland and Canada. It also considered the implications of care workers' mobility for source countries and for the international care market. The research included: a) quantitative analysis of existing data on aging, demand for health and social care and the role of migrant care workers in the labor markets of the receiving countries; and b) the collection of new data through in-depth interviews with migrant care workers, a survey with employers, and group discussions with older people. Interviews with policy makers and other relevant agencies were also carried out in four source countries of migrant care workers. The project provided evidence to inform the development of policy and practice across migration, integration, health and social care.