ISIM Takes Part in World Refugee Council

Georgetown University’s ISIM will be well-represented in the newly-constituted World Refugee Council which seeks to develop bold solutions for the world’s refugee crisis.  Susan Martin, Emeritus Professor with ISIM, has been named as a councillor to the World Refugee Council, while Elizabeth Ferris, Research Professor at ISIM, will serve as a special adviser to the initiative. Constituted by the Centre for International Governance Innovation, with support from the Government of Canada and chaired by former Canadian Foreign Minister, the Honourable Lloyd Axworthy, the Council brings together a diverse set of representatives from all regions to offer advice for reforming the international refugee response system. The WRC held its first meeting in Geneva from 11-12 June 2017 and, among other actions, adopted a statement on South Sudan. The Council will meet in different regions over the course of the next 15 months to hear firsthand about diverse refugee situations and to formulate its recommendations which are intended to complement the process of establishing a new Global Compact on Refugees.