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Title: New Master’s degree in International Migration and Refugees

Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and its Institute for the Study of International Migration are excited to launch a new Master’s Program in International Migration and Refugees to begin in September 2024.

Drawing on the expertise of Georgetown University’s faculty and the broader Washington DC community, this cutting-edge program addresses the pressing challenges arising from population movements and prepares a new generation of professionals to navigate the intricate intersections of migration, displacement, and policy-making. Based on interviews with major employers in the field, the program has been carefully designed to ensure that graduates have the skills required to launch successful careers.

The 18-month program offers students the opportunity to concentrate their studies on either Migration Analytics or Humanitarian Practice and all students will have the opportunity during a summer practicum to gain hands-on experience working in the field. A concentration in Migration Analytics will give graduates the tools needed to analyze migration trends and to advise governments, international organizations and the private sector on managing migration to support development and other long-term goals. A concentration in Humanitarian Practice will prepare graduates for work in the field of humanitarian assistance and policy, including careers in international organizations, non-profit agencies, and governments.

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